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Dental emergencies are always urgent—when you’re in serious pain, you can’t wait until the next day to receive treatment. Our dentists understand that when you have a dental emergency, you need restorative services ASAP. Left untreated, your pain could intensify, and the severity of your dental emergency may get worse. Dental emergencies involve pain but you don’t have to remain in pain. 

At our dental clinics, we make our emergency dental services as accessible as possible. We believe that no one should have to live with dental pain. You can call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to schedule immediate dental treatment. We provide a variety of emergency dental services to address pain and discomfort.

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What Our Dentists Do

Common dental emergencies can be excruciating and unpredictable. Our team is capable and equipped to handle urgent oral health issues. With our services, there’s no need to wait for days to see your dentist. Call our clinic and you can get in to see our Edmonton dentists on the same day.

Some of the common dental emergencies we treat:

  • Chipped or broken tooth
  • Swelling in the face or gums
  • Toothache or abscess
  • Broken or lost filling
  • Lost or broken crowns
  • Injury to the gums or tongue
  • Acute sensitivity
  • Broken teeth
  • Root canal
  • Tooth extractions
  • Loose and Fractured teeth

Emergency Dental Services

Dental emergencies range from toothaches to broken teeth or knocked out teeth. At our office, we offer the following treatments and restoration services for dental emergencies:



We do our best to restore teeth whenever possible, but in some cases, the best solution is to extract them from the gums. This reduces the pain that decayed teeth cause and eliminates the risk of an infection and dental emergency. Extractions can alleviate pain from a tooth that is injured, cracked, or infected.

We ensure that our patients are fully numbed before every extraction procedure—your comfort is of the utmost importance to us. After an extraction, we can provide replacement options such as dentures, dental implants, or bridges.

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Root Canals

Cavities are a common cause of tooth pain. But if the decay extends past the enamel and dentin, it causes pain in the most sensitive areas of your tooth and may require emergency dental care.

When a cavity reaches the pulp chamber of the tooth and damages the nerve tissues within it, a root canal is necessary. With dental emergencies like this your dentist will remove the decayed pulp from the tooth, sanitize the area, and seal it with a filling material.

Following a root canal, the tooth often requires a crown for structural support. We can create a customized crown that will improve the appearance and stability of your tooth.

Lost filling

Broken or Lost Fillings

Advancements in emergency dental care have made dental fillings more durable than ever; however, they aren’t a permanent solution. If your filling is reaching the end of its lifespan, it could break when you’re eating or speaking. Trauma to the mouth or tooth decay can also lead to a broken or lost filling.

Without a filling, the hole in the tooth will be exposed to bacteria. The tooth has a higher risk of decaying further or becoming infected. Leading to a dental emergency. You’ll also notice increased sensitivity in the area. Place the lost filling in a clean, sealed bag and bring it with you to your emergency dental treatment.

Wisdom tooth

Wisdom Tooth Pain

Wisdom teeth are known to cause discomfort and toothaches as they grow in. If the tooth is impacted, it won’t have room to emerge from the gums—instead, it will come through at an angle that damages other teeth. If the wisdom teeth jut out, they can irritate your cheeks, causing pain and swelling, which may require emergency dental care.

When wisdom teeth cause problems, we can remove them via simple or surgical extractions. During a simple extraction, the dentist uses forceps to remove the wisdom tooth. A surgical extraction will require an incision to access the wisdom tooth.

knocked out tooth

Knocked Out Tooth

Losing a tooth is a serious condition and a dental emergency. Not only can it cause severe pain, but a knocked out tooth jeopardizes the appearance and health of your smile.

This dental emergency is incredibly time-sensitive. When you see a dentist within 30 minutes of losing a tooth, your chances of saving it are much higher.

After losing a tooth, we recommend placing it back in the socket and biting down on a piece of gauze. If this isn’t possible, put the tooth in a cup of milk and take it with you to the dentist.

broken tooth

Broken Tooth

A chipped or cracked tooth may cause you to feel self-conscious. If your tooth is damaged, you might fear that it could break during a meal. A broken tooth causes increased sensitivity to temperatures and pain when pressure is applied. Teeth with jagged edges may damage your tongue or cheeks which may require emergency dental care.

Our dentists can repair broken teeth with fillings, crowns, or dental implants. We can assess the condition of your tooth and determine the best solution to restore its appearance and eliminate any pain.

tmj disorder

TMJ Disorder

Have you noticed pain in your jaw? Do you often wake up with ear aches or headaches? You may be developing an issue with your temporomandibular joint.

When this joint becomes misaligned or damaged, it causes jaw pain and difficulty chewing, speaking, or relaxing of the facial muscles. This condition is made worse by stress and tends to affect more women than men.

Our dentists offer treatment options that can alleviate the pain of TMJ disorder. These include dental splints, stress reduction techniques, and medication.

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Severe Toothache

Tooth pain can range from mild to high intensity. What may have started as a dull ache can develop into pain that prevents you from working, eating, or sleeping.

If you are experiencing intense pain, we recommend taking an over-the-counter painkiller and applying a cold compress to your cheek. These steps can help manage your discomfort until you can receive emergency dental care.

We can assess the area that’s causing pain and determine a solution. When you call our dentists, we’ll find the quickest way to address your toothache and alleviate your symptoms.

gum disease

Gum Disease

When bacteria affect the tissues in your mouth, they cause the gums to recede away from the teeth. Other symptoms include bad breath, loose teeth, and bleeding gums. Periodontal disease is reversible with early treatment, so if you notice any of these symptoms, it’s important to call your dentist right away.

Without emergency dental treatment, gum disease may progress to advanced stages and cause the teeth to become loose. It also leaves you more vulnerable to developing a periodontal abscess or gum infection.

dental abscess

Dental Abscess

A tooth infection forms when bacteria accumulate within the tooth. Tooth abscesses can affect the gums, pulp, and sensitivity of your teeth. Our dentists treat both periapical and periodontal abscesses. Dental emergencies invloving cracked teeth are a higher risk of developing a tooth abscess.

We are Here to help

We have several experienced Edmonton dentists that are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you in the event of a dental emergency.  At our dental clinic, we provide emergency dental services in the greater Edmonton area. Our dentists are prompt and reliable. In the event that we are unable to fix your dental emergency, we can refer you to a specialist and provide pain management until treatment is available. Call to book an emergency appointment today. 

We follow the 2019 Alberta Dental Fee Guide and our rates are 5% lower than the fee guide

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