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Broken or Lost Filling

What should you do if you break dental fillings? Even if you aren’t in immediate pain, broken fillings are a dental emergency. They can lead to a severe toothache or even a lost tooth.

With the proper care, dental fillings can last for many years. Gold or amalgam fillings tend to last the longest, while composite fillings (which match the colour of your teeth) are less durable. However, composite fillings aren’t permanent. They can be dislodged or broken by hard foods, mouth injuries, or tooth decay. If you deal with bruxism (teeth grinding) or TMJ disorder, the filling will be under additional strain.

What should you do if you break a composite filling? Even if you aren’t in immediate pain, broken composite fillings are a dental emergency. They can lead to a severe toothache, tooth infection, and even a lost tooth.

At our emergency dental clinic, we offer dental restorations to repair a lost filling. Don’t deal with discomfort longer than you need to—call Edmonton Emergency Dentists to fix this issue ASAP.

Why Should You Repair a Broken or Lost Filling?

Since dental fillings are used to seal in cavities that were caused by decay, a lost filling leaves a vulnerable opening in the tooth. This makes the tooth susceptible to damage from bacteria in the mouth which could lead to a tooth infection. If you neglect to repair broken composite fillings, you could end up losing your tooth.

A filling restores the appearance of a tooth that has decayed or cracked. It can alleviate self-conscious feelings that may arise during social situations.

Finally, repairing a filling can eliminate the pain that results from unresolved dental issues.

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Temporary Fix & Pain Reduction

If you have a broken or lost filling, you may be dealing with persistent tooth discomfort that interferes with your life. While you wait for emergency dental treatment, here are a few solutions you can use to soothe the pain:

Numbing Dental treatments

Clove oil offers toothache relief due to its ability to numb nerves in your teeth and gums. This product is available at most food and drug stores. If lidocaine is available at a pharmacy in your area, you can apply it to the tooth.

Rinse the tooth with warm water and salt

Keep the area clean by rinsing with salt water. Simply add a pinch of salt to a cup of clean, warm water, and gently swish the liquid around the tooth.

Over-the-counter pain medications

Bring down inflammation and pain by taking ibuprofen or acetaminophen as directed on the product label.

Use dental cement

If the exposed area of your tooth is causing pain, you can cover it temporarily with dental cement. This can alleviate sensitivity and prevent bacteria from causing further damage.

Stay away from certain foods

Your tooth is especially sensitive to extreme temperatures when you have a lost filling. Foods and drinks that are very hot or cold will cause more tooth pain due to this sensitivity. While you wait for dental care, stick to food that’s room temperature.

Filling Procedure

What should you expect when your dentist is repairing a broken or lost filling? The appointment will be similar to what occurred when your filling was initially applied.
First, the tooth and the surrounding area will be completely numbed to prevent any pain or sensitivity during the procedure. Next, your dentist will remove any decayed filling material from the tooth. Depending on the extent of the damage, you may require a root canal or crown.
If you kept the filling material, it may be usable for the replacement; be sure to ask your dentist.
Following the repair, the tooth may feel sensitive for a few days, but this will subside eventually. Avoid chewing on the area where your new filling is until it has healed.

Book Your emergency dental Appointment Today

After all the pressure we put on our fillings, it’s no wonder that they eventually need to be repaired. From eating acidic foods to grinding or clenching our teeth, dental fillings are subject to regular damage.

But you shouldn’t have to wait for treatment. A new filling can prevent further tooth decay.

When you have broken fillings, we can help. Our experienced emergency dentists in Edmonton can repair a broken or lost filling. We understand that dental issues don’t always occur during business hours, so we’re available 24/7.

At our dental offices, we aim to make our services as accessible and affordable as possible. Don’t live in pain or risk damaging your tooth further—give us a call if you require a filling replaced, we can also perform emergency dental restorations for broken teeth or a broken tooth.